I’ve got the impression that companies are afraid to make a perfect product. They are afraid of offering a service that would be responding to clients’ needs in 100%.

„Done is better than perfect” — these words are supposed to remind us that perfection is the enemy of development. Reportedly it’s the favourite quotation of Ben Barry, the designer at Facebook, and it also happens that its author is Mark Zuckerberg himself. But not only they think that done is better that perfect. There is even The Done Manifesto — its authors, Bre Pettis and Kio Stark, explain why done is better than perfect in thirteen points. The eighth point says:

Laugh at perfection. It’s boring and keeps you from being done.

I don’t agree at all. Done is not better than perfection, and perfection isn’t boring. We should strive to achieve it. Contrary to what some motivational speakers like to retell.

Unfortunately many people and many companies believe this slogan is true and as an effect of this we have many products and services that lack perfection. While achieving perfection wouldn’t be too difficult, in fact. We live in the 21st century which means that there are almost no technical obstacles to perfection. Obstacles are in the, so called, human factor. People who decide in companies just don’t listen to clients and don’t know their needs. I’ve got the impression that companies are afraid to make a perfect product. They are afraid of offering a service that would be responding to clients’ needs in 100%. An so we have products and services that are “almost perfect”. And, as we know, „almost” makes a huge difference.

I experience this at every turn. Lately I had to choose a new camera to record my vlog, I also wanted to find an online software that would help me to prepare my films and upload them to various social platforms. And I wonder why Sony, which cameras are chosen by vloggers very often, hasn’t applied some simple features as the flip out screen. If Sony had them applied, I wouldn’t had to change my camera and to buy a new one from another firm. Canon has won this contest right now. Time will tell if its camera lacks anything.

The very similar situation is when it comes to editing tools that can prepare videos according to the specifications of various social platforms. None, really none of the tools I have found fulfilled all my needs. And I’m not the only vlogger who publishes on many social media channels. Today almost everybody does it, it can’t be done otherwise.

The world would be a far better place if companies listened to their clients, understood their needs and fulfilled them in one hundred percent. Not in ninety percent as they do very often right now. Ninety percent is „done” indeed, but unfortunately it’s not „perfect”. That’s why I repeat over and over (maybe it’s a bit boring but it will be memorised better this way) my motto:

Act and care for quality.

If you make decisions that have a direct impact on the production or the services offered by your firm, please: think what needs your clients have right now and fulfil them.

American firm FreshBooks did it. Their new software was promoted by two messages. First:

We listen to you, Dear Clients.

And they gave the list of new features that were adjusted to clients’ needs (!). It’s interesting that the other message that their promotion was built on was:

When you call us, you will talk to a real person.

And I’m sure that it’s the effect of listening to clients’ needs too.

People want to have the possibility to call the company and talk to a friendly, well informed human being. Not to an IVR or a bot. They don’t want to send emails that are not answered and don’t want to fill forms either. I’m sure that in a few years being able to call a company and to talk to a real person will be a big asset. A company with such a customer service will be more attractive than a company that uses bots, forms and emails.

For now, if you need to call a big company and you can’t find their phone number on their website (usually there is only the general helpline’s number), look at https://gethuman.com. You will find many phone numbers there. They are added by people who got them somehow. Waiting for the revolution in customer services we have to cope like this.

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