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These are all the thoughts I’m sure were going through the minds of co-workers when I initially sold my smartphone and bought a more basic Punkt device which only calls, texts, and hotspots. And I have to admit, there was a lot of anxiety when I first converted, but six…

You’ll see a myriad of goal-setting tips online, but it’s really much more simple than you might think.

As a long-term runner, friends who are interested in running often tell me that they “just don’t have the time” to run. But if we manage our goals appropriately, it’s impressive what we can achieve.

Ambitious or Achievable?

Some people think the best tact in achieving our goals is to follow the…

How you choose to see the world determines what experience you will get.

Modern culture is largely obsessed with “winning”; getting the next promotion, buying the bigger house, the newer car, but is this type of gain going to bring us long term happiness? And is there something better?

On Winning

In today’s video, I mentioned the fleeting joys of immediate success. These include things like work promotions, big purchases, or winning a competition for the medals. We could classify these types of motivators as extrinsic motivators. According to Psychology Today, extrinsic motivation is defined as:

“Extrinsic motivation is any…

What are the four elements you could limit in order to feel better? How to be more happy, more creative and more productive?

How constraints make you more creative and more productive?

What is the Parkinson’s law?

How to be faster and more efficient?

What are the four elements you could limit intentionally in order to feel better?

What it is the most fulfilling thing in life?

How to limit our reach —…

Why I decided to go without a smartphone and switch to a dumbphone Punkt MP01? I tell you why I did it and how I feel about it.

Why I chose Punkt MP01 as a digital minimalist smartphone replacement?

Why smartphones are addictive?

How can you improve the quality of your life just by ditching the smartphone?

I started the year by selling my smartphone.

I use a Punkt MP01, a phone that looks like the phones from the beginning of the century. The MP02, a…

Why frustration may be a consequence of the excessive use of technology? Should we show frustration to our kids?

The less I use technology, the more I want to create stuff.

But we will not talk today about technology, nor will we talk about creating stuff. Rather, about frustration and why it is important to not show frustration to your kids.

Most of us want to teach our children that everything is possible. That they will be able to become whoever…

Nobody ever thanked me for the rapidity at which I executed the tasks.

There is one thing that the recent pandemic has changed for the better in the world and this is that a lot of people and a lot of businesses have understood that:

  • not everything has to be done right now, and
  • not everything has to be done in a rush…

Technology has completely different goals than you. And if you use technology, you should be aware of that difference.

If you use technology, you should be aware of that difference. At the end of this article, you will know exactly why being intentional with technology is a good strategy and why not being intentional with technology will probably lead to your despair and many, many problems.

So basically, if…

What do you do in such cases? Do you do what they want or do you listen to yourself and think whether you want it? Do you take someone’s words for granted or do you see this person’s true motives?

For me it’s simple — only you know what is…

Millennials tell their future employers all the things that their mates from older generations wanted to tell but they were too afraid to do it.

The rumour goes that they are demanding and don’t respect work. They are the people who tell the hiring managers:

I’m a philosopher and, incidentally…

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